This month, some questions from readers:

Q: My agent hasn’t called me in several months and I’m not sure why.

A: You need to contact your agent by his/her preferred method of contact,
i.e. email, text or phone. You need to find out why the calls have stopped.

And, you need to ask your self some questions: Does your agent have all of
your up-to-date information? Are you keeping Actors Access, Now Casting and
Casting Networks current? Are you training? Do you answer calls or emails
from your agent promptly? In other words, are you doing your part in this

Q: Why does everyone always harp on training? I’ve had some classes and
feel I am ready to go.

A: Training is an on-going requirement for anyone who wants to improve. I
always liken actors to professional athletes. They train for the duration
of their career to stay sharp and focused. Finding the best possible
training is imperative. Talk to your agent first and then to other actors.
Ask a potential coach if you may audit a class before deciding.

Q: My resume is 2 pages because of so many plays. People tell me it should
only be 1 page. What do you think?

A: I think they are right! No acting resume should extend beyond one page.
If you’ve done a number of plays, you might want to consider just listing
either the latest 3 or 4 OR the most recognizable plays with significant
roles you’ve had. Next to the category “Theatre” you can put “ (Over ##
plays) “ Indicate the correct number.

Q: Is it “principal” or “principle”? I’ve seen it both ways.

A: One of my pet peeves!!!!!!! It is P R I N I C I P A L! “Principal”
means chief or head; “Principle” is rule or ethic.

Q: Can you recommend a good agent in Austin?

A: No. Remember, I work with most of the agents and cannot show any
favoritism. That being said, as in any industry there are good and
not-so-good. Do your due diligence, again by talking to other actors or
industry people. Now that agents are no longer licensed or bonded by the
State (a tremendously bad mistake on the State’s part), literally anyone can
open an agency. I’ve even had one lady call me and ask if I could tell her
how to be an agent! OMG! That is scary. So if you meet with a potential
agent, you need to ask questions about their experience, years of being an
agent, with which agencies, etc. Do not be afraid to ask the questions.
Any legitimate agent will not be offended, indeed they’ll welcome the
opportunity to share that information with you.

Q: How often do I need a new headshot?

A: As often as you no longer look exactly like your current one.

Q: How often do I need a new headshot for my child?

A: Usually every time they change clothing sizes, their faces would have
changed, too. Or braces on, braces off. Significant change of appearance,
i.e. hair is now in a pixie cut vs. the shoulder length style in the

Q: I only work with a manager and not an agent. Will you call me in?

A: No. I only work through legitimate agents.

Q: I’ve done a lot of free work. How do I start getting paying jobs?

A: Quit working for free!

Q: I’m thinking of moving to LA. I’ve had a commercial (non-speaking) and
booked a print job.

A: My immediate response is that I hope you want to be a waiter. My
serious response is wait until you are landing everything you are sent out
on and then, dependent on your age, think about it. I wouldn’t personally
suggest anyone move to LA unless they are a member of SAG-AFTRA, have an
agent lined up, have a reliable car, have family or friends out there, a
place to stay and a minimum of about $15,000 in the bank. I would never
discourage anyone from following their dream, but put as much reality in it
as you can.

Q: Please unsubscribe me.

A: I’d love to honor your request, but like all others who post to various
sites, I have absolutely no control over the subscription list. You have a
few choices. Just hit “delete” every time you see my name or go to the site
and unsubscribe yourself.

Thanks to all of you who have been kind enough to write about the monthly
column. And, as always, thanks to Dan Eggleston for his approval in doing
this and posting it to his various sites.

Let me know if you have any specific questions you’d like answered.

And remember, I am expressing my opinion only, not that of any other CD.
Also, always keep in mind, that your agent has the final word on everything
pertaining to your career, so listen to him/her!

PLEASE VOTE ON TUESDAY! Happy Veteran’s Day! Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope to see you at the Network Austin Mixer on the 12th! Our speaker for
the evening is the phenomenal Los Angeles Casting Director, Nan Dutton!
Check her out on and prepare to be amazed. Come find out about the
inner workings of casting major network TV shows and films! for additional information.

Donise L. Hardy, CSA
C November 1, 2014

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