Client Feedback


To Whom It May Concern:

I retained Donise Hardy to cast my first theatrical feature film, BARTLEBY. In a surprisingly short time, she was able to obtain for me a dream cast consisting of David Paymer, Crispin Glover, Glenne Headley, Joe Piscopo, Maury Chaykin, Seymour Cassel, Carrie Snodgress and Dick Martin, three of whom are Academy Award Nominees!

She accomplished this in spite of the fact that this was a low-budget independent production by a writer-director-producer making essentially a first feature. She contacted agents, made offers, negotiated deal memos, cast day players and continued to follow through with issues that arose throughout principal photography.

For her outstanding efforts on behalf of this production, she was given the credit of Associate Producer. I will retain Donise on future productions and would highly recommend her to others.


Jonathan Parker
Parker Film Co.
1101 Fifth Ave., Ste. 150
San Rafael, CA 94901
415-456-4456 T
415-456-2414 F

August 16, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

As executive producer with AchieveGlobal, an international developer of video-based corporate training, I have had the pleasure since 1992 of frequently working with Donise Hardy in San Francisco and Los Angeles, both before and after her relocation to Texas. During that period, AchieveGlobal has produced the equivalent of one or more feature films per year, auditioning literally thousands of actors for hundreds of parts.

Donise has a number of talents and traits, as a well as a depth of experience, that make her an ideal casting director for AchieveGlobal. She has wide film industry contacts and strong relationships with agencies in the markets where we shoot. She constantly surveys the available talent pools with a keen eye for exceptional talent suited to our type of video. Donise clearly understands the sort of talent we need – diverse actors with well-developed skills who can believably play extended scenes set in the workplace – and she does an excellent of job of identifying talent that meet our criteria.

Donise is meticulous about the nuts and bolts of casting – maintaining strong agency relationships, liaising with actors, coordinating and staffing for large auditions, working collaboratively with the director and me, handling related paperwork including union forms and deal memos, negotiating when necessary with agents, and so on. I rest assured that Donise will handle these critical details so that the director, writers, and production staff can focus in their areas of expertise.

Because of her skills, experience, organization, attention to detail, and collaborative approach, Donise has become a true creative partner. I consider her contributions central to the scores of national and international awards that AchieveGlobal video has earned in the past 20 years.

With all this in mind, I highly recommend Donise Hardy as a consummate casting director for creative film projects of any scope or scale.


Craig Perrin
Director of Product Development
8875 Hidden River Parkway
Tampa, FL 33647
Office: 813-631-5668

June 12, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

Donise Hardy: what can I say?

I’ve used Donise as my primary Casting Director for over 20 years on countless projects. Whether I’m looking for On-camera talent or Voice talent, she has always delivered the best combination of Actors for me. I admire how she will work tirelessly to find whatever it is I’m looking for, doesn’t matter the age range or ethnicity. She is not afraid to make insightful suggestions and is pleasant to be around, and believe me in this business with pressure of budgets and time lines, that is a must as far as I’m concerned.

She understands production costs and the need to deliver projects in a timely manner and will work hard to keep things on time and on budget.

Donise Hardy is a valuable ally, and I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone who wants to contact me.


Ed Couppee
3518 Azeele Street, Ste 391
Tampa, FL 33609

June 3, 2010

My name is Will Wallace. I am an independent filmmaker and producer (Cake, Rock Slyde, Clear Lake, WI, Flatland: An IMAX Experience). Donise Hardy was my lead casting director on Cake. Being the it was a wedding comedy, with a large ensemble cast, I needed a talented and experienced casting director at the helm. Donise was all that and more. She has an amazing eye for spotting talent, and she is a team player from start to finish. I would highly recommended her, and A Casting Place, to anyone needing casting.

Will Wallace
1648 N. Wilcox Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90028

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Agora Entertainment Partners as a letter of recommendation for Donise Hardy and A CASTING PLACE.

Donise Hardy has cast several of my feature film productions (Pendulum, Rain, and Mind of its Own) and has demonstrated an exception ability to cast and secure/hire talent. Her unique ability to work under difficult circumstances and limited time frames make her an invaluable asset to any production. Her vast experience and personality also make Donise a pleasure to work with and eases concerns during the audition process.

I look forward to more film productions with her and give her my highest recommendation. If you should require any additional information, I will gladly be available.

Jason Kabolati
Entertainment Partners 3225
Premier suite 150
Irving, TX 75063

May 23, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

I’m writing this letter in support of Donise Hardy and A Casting Place. My name is Kat Candler (cicadas, jumping off bridges, Love Bug) and I’m an independent filmmaker and professor in the RTF department at the University of Texas.

I was fortunate enough to work with Donise as the casting director on our feature film jumping off bridges. She has an amazing gift for actors and the casting process. She brought the best talent into the room and was key in helping us assemble an amazing cast. At the time we were fairly new working with agents and managers and she was patient and thoughtful in guiding us through the process. She was an absolute gem to work with.

I’d recommend Donise and A Casting Place to any filmmaker on any project. She’s a joy and an incredible casting director!


Kat Candler
Candler Productions
University of Texas RTF Professor
PO Box 301463
Austin, TX 78703